In no particular order, here are answers to some of the common questions you may have. If you need any further information, please contact me here. 


Where do you get your wool from?

I source my wool from a local (Yorkshire) based wool textile family business.

What wool do you use?

I use super soft 23mic merino wool, which originates from South Africa (cape) or South America depending on availability from non-mulesed flocks.

How chunky is chunky?

Chunky! The width of a typical blanket’s individual yarn is 2.5cm, and each stitch is around 8-10cm long, depending on the pattern.

What’s so special about merino wool?

Merino wool is an incredible material. It is naturally stain, water and odour resistant, and super soft and elastic. Its flexible and super fine fibres mean that it bends softly, so it isn’t at all scratchy. It’s hypoallergenic, naturally flame resistant and anti-static, hence doesn’t attract dust. It also dyes really well, which is why there are so many bright colours to choose from.

Will they pill/shed?

Merino products are luxury items, and treating them kindly will help them stay perfect for longer. For example, I don’t recommend letting the kids use the blankets to make dens, or play rugby with the cushions (although both such scenarios have taken place in our house!). Each item is hand knitted in pure unspun merino wool, which is hand processed to make it as durable as possible whilst retaining its wonderful chunky softness. Processing involves lightly felting the items (with a combination of moisture, agitation and heat), which makes them durable yet still retaining the chunky softness of the wool. There may be some initial shedding as your item settles into its new home, but this will reduce over time as the fibres bond together.

Pilling will occur over time and with heavier use. This is a natural result of friction - as the fibres rub against each other, some gather into small balls that sit on the surface of the wool. You can remove any pills that appear over time by gently teasing off by hand and smoothing down the stitches, or with sharp scissors.

Can I wash them?

Care instructions are included in each item description, and with your order, but essentially, spot clean and take for specialist cleaning only if absolutely necessary.

How long do they take to make?

The time spent on each item varies depending on the size / pattern of the item being made, from a few hours to several days. In addition to time spent knitting, I spend considerably longer hand processing each item. It depends on what I’m making as to what precisely this entails, but it's essentially prepping the wool pre-knit (it arrives as an unspun bale of roving), lightly felting (again, depending on what is being made, but using combinations of heat, water and agitation), and quality checking every single stitch prior to sending it to you. 

Can I get it in a different size/colour?

Every item is made bespoke for you, so if you'd like another colour that you can't see on the website, or in a different size, just get in touch and I will let you know your options, time frames, and cost. 

How much is shipping?

UK postage is included in the price listed, international shipping rates are calculated prior to checkout and I charge them at cost, so I’m just passing on the cost of delivery to you (I’m not making any money from postage).

What is your returns policy?

As all items are custom made to your requirements, refunds are not normally offered, unless the item received is found to be faulty (for example, the incorrect size or colour ordered). Items should be returned to me within 14 days and via recorded delivery, and buyer must bear the cost of returning. However, my aim is that all customers are absolutely delighted with their purchase, so always contact me if there are any issues at all.