Mizz arm knitting a huge merino blanket

I live in Yorkshire, England, with my husband and our three children. Following a bad ankle fracture, when I was unable to walk for several months, a friend suggested I try giant knitting. After that first blanket, I was hooked! I simply love making items using giant yarn, and I’m delighted that I have been able to turn this wonderful activity into my own creative business.

Each item is created at my home studio. This is a one gal show - I do all the knitting, processing, felting, invoicing, photography, website admin, packaging, stock ordering, email answering, social media...what have I missed?! 

When making the final products, I don’t use giant needles, just my arms and hands, using the chunkiest of pure unspun 23 micron merino wool, which I source from a family run Yorkshire wool supplier less than 25 miles from home.